Last Update Evar

As you noticed this site hasn't been updated much recently and that is because I am too busy to do so. It might also be because we bought! So for the future, the new webmaster will be updating that page instead of this one. But this page will stay up regardless.

Hugs and kisses,

Jim ^_^

Updates From the Front

Well we have begun the IM basketball season and for our first game we lost miserably with a 20 point spread but redeemed ourselves by losing by 6 points. If we continue this trend we might win the game tonight by 8 points!

Our alumni are awesome, they have raised $1000 to donate to our cause. Go them!

You might also be wondering what is the status of this webpage. Well not much has changed since I really don't have much new content to add but there is a possibility that this might change dramatically. The idea is that we will go with off-campus hosting through some provider which would allow us to get access to the domain name! The benefits to this are overwhelming. The main one being to maintain alumni relationships. With off-campus hosting we could create a database of contact information that would aid us in numerous ways. On top of that, every member would be given an e-mail address and given personal webspace. Either way, this is an investment that will cost ~$5 a month times however many months we want. A host I found that seems to be reliable and have extremely good service is through Site5. Of course this won't be an immediate change and the database won't come into existence until later this year, it is something to keep in mind. I hope to begin work on this after I finish IS.

I also figured there was too much information on the main page so I dumped all the old stories into a new page. Since we don't have a MySQL I am just doing a simple cut/paste...w00t!

Pledging is Over

Congratulations to our 15 new members! After pledging, we now have 38 active members!

Once again, a small update to the site. I have put a new link entitled Store. Since we are planning on ordering a ton of new XCP merchandise, I will try to keep an updated list with pictures of these items and their respective prices.

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