WOW! 17 pledges for the Xi Chi pledge class of 2006-2007. As always you can view the final roster posted here. Congrats to the Rush Coordinators!

(00:50:14) /me cries tears of joy
(00:50:15) ***Jim Rohal cries tears of joy

Bids Go Out and An Update

Well bids finally went out and I think we are going to have a really strong pledge class this year. As people return their bids, their photos will be posted here.

If you didn't notice there is a new link called Contribute. Here you can upload photos rather than sending them to me through e-mail. Obviously there are restrictions on stuff you can upload as well. My hopes are that alumni will upload old photos to add to the collection.


Well if you haven't noticed I just added a little login thingymajigger to the sidebar. The idea is the store all the alumni contact information and make it easily accessible (and updateable) to only members of Xi Chi Psi. It doesn't work now but hopefully it will sometime in the far future.

Basketball == GG

Unfortunately the anti-cheat system caught our 1337 aimh4x leaving us at a disadvantage in the game yesterday. We lost 17-30 and now there is no more basketball for us.

News News News

Well we just had 3rd rush and it was a big success. A bunch of good dudes showed up and a bunch of good food was devoured. I think the total number of people that showed up was 25 but I'm just estimating...

We lost today in basketball 10-30. We just downloaded some h4x so we should be good for the next game.

Some new photos were posted from previous rushes so go check them out here. I'm currently working on a photo submission page so any of the alumni can submit appropriate photos. More information forthcoming.

Contact Form Hilarity

Jim George came up with a good idea: Ask people to submit random contact form feedback and post the best ones in the minutes each Sunday. So get to it.

Members Section and Updates

Well, so far I've fixed any problems with the website that people told me about and made the contact form work. I also added a Members section. Blame Facebook for the "sweet" pictures.

The New Site Is Up

Well, after about four years a new website has been created. I'll try my best to keep the content up to date. If anyone has any comments or suggestions send an e-mail to Note that the contact form does not work right now...I'm working on it.

As for photos, if anyone feels that they want some photos removed or want specific photos added, then contact me. If you want to send me photos, send them to me.

Also, Internet Explorer 6 fails at life. So instead you should go download Firefox or Internet Explorer 7.

Capture the Flag FTW!!1!

Capture the Flag at Christmas Run Park rocked. We had a good turn out and as always, the n00bs won.

Second Rush Was a Success!

Thanks to everyone that came to second rush at Scot Lanes. A lot of people showed up and it seemed like everyone had fun.

Some photos were just posted here.

Upcoming Events


We are teh boring.