How to Join


Xi Chi Psi holds a series of three rushes in the fall semester each year to recruit interested students who would like to pledge to the group. Bids are given out to students who rush and whom we feel will uphold our three pillars, Trust, Unity, and Generosity. To be able to receive a bid you must attend at least one rush. The rushes we have scheduled are:

Section VIII

Come and meet the brothers of Xi Chi Psi for the first time. Usually this involves playing video games, eating meat, playing pong, and generally acting like men.

Scot Lanes

Held at Scot Lanes, you can meet the brothers of Xi Chi Psi for a second time while bowling, playing pool, or just talking. We offer free pizza and drinks here!

Babcock Lounge

The final rush event is held in Babcock Lounge. This (semi)-formal event is where you find out more personal information about the brothers. Matso's caters this event.

To see some photos from previous rushes you can find them here.


Pleging takes place at the beginning of the Spring semester. Students who pledge to Xi Chi Psi go through a week of new member education during which activites to teach pledges what the group is all about.

Upcoming Events


We are teh boring.